• Don’t be fooled: We guarantee to beat webuyanycar.com by at least £100 on your current Ford car or van when you sell or Part Exchange. It’s a myth that you get a better deal buying without a trade-in!

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Welcome to TrustFord’s Car Valuation page – your quick and simple way to get an online valuation for your car. Simply enter your car registration in the box above to get your FREE valuation.

Right now, and until 31 December 2021, we are offering top prices for any Ford cars up to 10 years old. We'll even offer £100 more than a 'We buy any car' valuation for the same vehicle.*

And there’s never been a better time to get in touch. Following the recent announcement, the global shortage of semi-conductors is now starting to affect vehicle manufacturing.

What are semi-conductors?

Semi-conductors are materials that partially conduct electricity and are used to control the flow of electrical current in devices we use regularly, from phones to TV’s. Semi-conductors are critical in vehicle manufacturing, essential for technology such as driver’s assistance, connectivity, electrification and vehicle safety.

As this shortage starts to impact the automotive industry, we don't want you to miss out if you’re looking for a new vehicle. There will be fewer available in the coming months meaning right now you'll not only get a great price on new vehicles we have in stock but you'll also get a top price for your Ford car or van if you decide to sell.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car valuation?

An important part of the journey to buying a new car, whether it is brand new or a previously owned vehicle, is knowing how much your current car is worth. This allows you to work out how much you’ll need to pay to buy your new car and determine whether it is affordable.

How do you value a car?

In order for us to give you a value for your car we need to know your registration – this allows us to identify exactly what car you have. We then need your mileage. Using this, we compare your car to automotive industry data on market value. Vehicle values do depend on the vehicle condition, but we provide you with a valuation based on your vehicle being in good condition.

Is the valuation guaranteed?

We can’t guarantee the valuation as we’ve not seen your car. Once you bring your car in to us we can perform a more detailed appraisal – if your car is in great condition you may find we’ll offer you more than we’ve valued through our online service.

What affects the value of my car?

There are a number of factors involved in the value of your car.

  • Age – the younger the car is the more it is worth
  • Service History – having a service history will generally mean your car is worth more than a similar one that doesn’t. A service history shows that the car has been well maintained
  • Mileage – keeping your mileage down will help you retain value in your part exchange
  • Condition – ties in with the Service History, the better condition you keep your car in, the more you’ll get for it


Terms and Conditions

*£100 offer valid until 31st December 2021 when you sell or part exchange a Ford car with proof of your vehicle’s valuation from We Buy Any Car within the last 14 days. Applicable to Ford vehicles only up to 10 years old with less than 90,000 miles.

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