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Thinking of buying a used car?

If you live in the South of Ireland, now’s the perfect time to buy your car in the North and save money on the exchange rate due to the relative strength of the Euro v Pound Sterling.

Simply browse through our full range of used vehicles, located at one of our 7 dealerships throughout NI. We’ll make the purchase of your next Used car a simple and enjoyable experience!

VRT made easy for you

Vehicle registration tax or VRT is a tax that must be paid in Ireland when registering a motor vehicle. We’ll provide you with an accurate VRT estimate and guide you through the process of registering your new car into the south of Ireland, adhering to full VRT regulations.

Want a car or a van now? Wait no more with Take me Home Now

At TrustFord we understand how busy your life can be and that’s why we want to make your vehicle purchase as easy and as stress-free as possible. With our Take Me Home Now offer we aim to make your used vehicle purchase practical and quick for you. Now you can see your vehicle, buy it and drive it home, all on the same day and within the same hour!

See your car from your home

We really value your time at TrustFord and so we don’t expect you to have to visit us more than once for your used car purchase. In order to help save your time we’ll happily send you a personalised video of your chosen car upon your request so you can view its features in more detail.

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