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Our One Stop Shop at TrustFord gives you a whole range of work-ready Transits for a cost effective solution to your business needs. Matching advanced functionality with style and practicality the One Stop Shop range offers you versatility, durability and flexibility throughout your working day.

At TrustFord the service provided is streamlined towards creating the ideal platform to offer a wide range of special application and bespoke conversions, whilst saving you time and money.

We can provide vans with a variety of payload capacities, wheelbases, cab tyres etc… We also provide ply lining, sign writing and a variety of body options for the Ford Transit Chassis.

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One-Stop 1-Way Tipper

The Ford Transit Tipper combines exceptional functionality with clever design, durable construction and flexible working . The 1-Way Tipper offers improved Sequenced Hydraulic Body Hold-Down, Dual-purpose tailboard, giving both top-hinged or drop-thru operation, the tipper can be completely controlled from the driver's seat.

350 L2 130PS FWD - £35,000 (IN STOCK NOW - Limited Availability)


One-Stop Dropside

The Dropside is ideal if you want a cost-effective, professional image for your business. Available with Single or Double cab, in FWD or RWD, automatic transmission on FWD models, and with body lengths ranging from 2.9m to 5.3m there’s a model to suit most needs. On L2 350 FWD models, there’s also a choice of Standard or Premium drop side float bodies.

350 L2 130PS RWD - £33,000
350 L4 130PS FWD - £35,500 (IN STOCK NOW - Limited Availability)
Double Cab 350 L3 130PS FWD - £36,000 (IN STOCK NOW - Limited Availability)

One-Stop 3-Way Tipper

The Ford Transit 3-Way Tipper offers you incredible versatility and flexibility. It can tip left, right and rear, making it especially efficient for sites with restricted access. The 5-stage chromium-plated ram allows you to have more control over the tilt angle than ever before with its mounted in a durable steel gimbal with integral shock absorbers and electrical limit switches.

One-Stop Luton and Box Van

Built to take everyday knocks, the ply/GRP panelled Box Van is robust enough for carrying a competitive payload. The drive-away solution for those who deal with larger loads. Yet it’s light, nimble and durable enough to cope with multi-drop distribution. Built with safety in mind, the Luton and Box van incorporate emergency door-override in case the shutter is accidentally closed while someone’s in the load space.

Luton 350 L4 130PS FWD - £38,000 (IN STOCK NOW - Limited Availability)

Skeletal Chassis Cab

Skeletal Chassis models are ideal for conversions that require a low floor and walk-through access from the cab. This is designed to enable the correct fixing of the conversion. Once converted, the new body contributes to the overall rigidity of the complete vehicle.

Ford Ranger Chassis Cab


New Ford Ranger Chassis Cab

A new Ford Ranger chassis cab variant is available for the first time, providing customers from a wide range of industries the opportunity to create bespoke conversions based on Europe's best selling pick-up.

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