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Goodbye Fiesta, hello Puma! 


As we bid farewell to the beloved Ford Fiesta, a model that has been a symbol of fun, reliability, and efficiency for many, we can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia. The Fiesta has been a steadfast companion on countless journeys, winning hearts with its compact charm and dynamic performance. With the last of our NEW Fiesta units now finding new homes, we say goodbye to an era of driving that many of us have cherished. However, as one chapter closes, another begins, and we eagerly embrace the future with the Ford Puma.

The Best Selling car of 2023; The Ford Puma, carries forward the legacy of driving enjoyment while introducing fresh features and innovations. We're excited about the adventures that await with the Puma, confident that it will continue to captivate drivers and redefine the driving experience for years to come.

As drivers make the switch, they will find themselves in familiar territory, yet elevated to a new level of sophistication and performance that the Puma promises to deliver. It's not just a transition; it's an upgrade to a driving experience that combines the best of the Fiesta's legacy with the innovative spirit of the Puma.


Making the Switch...

Making the switch from the Ford Fiesta to the Ford Puma may seem like a daunting task, but fear not; these two models share common DNA while offering distinctive features that make the transition seamless.


  • Puma boasts a much larger boot and slightly larger overall dimensions without compromising it's agile and nimble characteristics.
  • Parking and manoeuvring in tight spots remains effortless in the Puma.


  • Both Puma and Fiesta share the same infotainment systems, connectivity options and driver assistance features. 
  • Puma offers more advanced features as an option


  • The Puma offers a similar yet refreshing new design, a sporty crossover silhouette that builds upon the Fiesta's dynamic aesthetics.
  • The Puma boasts a more modern and robust design  


  • The larger dimensions of the Puma translate into a more spacious and comfortable interior.
  • The high quality materials, supportive seats and intuitive layout carry over from the Fiesta. 

 If you're a Fiesta enthusiast looking for a seamless upgrade, the Puma is ready to provide a familiar yet elevated driving experience.