Commercial Vehicle Valuation

Have you considered part exchanging your current van or commercial vehicle to help you get that new model you’ve had your eye on? Part ex-ing is a popular solution for helping to bring those costs down, and ensuring you get the new van you really need. At TrustFord, we’re proud to offer not only a comprehensive range of new and used commercial vehicles at brilliant prices, but a comprehensive solution for trading in your old vehicle and helping you budget for the best as well.

Part Exchanging Your Van with TrustFord

Through our easy to use vehicle valuation system, we make finding out what your vehicle is worth quick and easy. Of course, our expert team are experienced in finding the best deals and solutions for a truly expansive array of circumstances; so no matter your current vehicle or the needs for your next one, we can help! To begin, simply fill in your registration number on the plate below, and fill out the rest of the form! If you’d like to know more, simply give your nearest dealer a call today!

This form will only value commercial vehicles. Click here to value your car.

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Step One Your Van

If you're planning to part-exchange your current commercial vehicle, fill in this form to find out how much you can expect to receive against the price of a new vehicle.

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