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Four fabulous Hybrid and Electric Family Cars.

Ford Fiesta Titanium race red

Four fabulous hybrid and electric family cars

Hybrid and electric cars now come in all shapes and sizes, from sporty models to spacious vehicles able to comfortably transport a family of five adults. Lower CO2 emissions and reduced fuel costs are available in SUVs, estates and executive drives – meaning whatever adventures you and your family have in store, there’s a Ford to match.

These days, the lifespan of a hybrid or electric car is comparable to that of any other model. As the technology behind them has matured, both hybrid and pure electric systems have been shown to often have lower maintenance costs than petrol vehicles, thanks to fewer mechanical parts (especially electric cars which have no combustion engine).

Take a look at our top electrified family cars.

Hybrid family cars

Hybrids offer great flexibility for every type of journey. Their dual power sources bring reduced emissions to local drives and short errand runs, while offering ease and fuel efficiency on longer trips. Choose a car that doesn’t require plugging in to an external source for ultimate convenience, or consider a plug-in hybrid to drive emissions-free over short to medium distances.

The Ford Puma is a sleek and efficient model optimised for urban living, while still offering substantial room in the cabin. Its status as a mild hybrid (mHEV) means it doesn’t need plugging in anywhere to charge; the electric battery isn’t big enough to power the car by itself, but instead supports the main engine for excellent fuel consumption rates (over 50 miles per gallon at under 100g of CO2 per kilometre).

It’s the ideal choice for young families, including those planning to start a family – the Puma has room for little ones in the back and plenty of luggage space to boot. You might want to upgrade for more backseat room as children get bigger (and come with more PE kits, sports gear and other baggage), but this will certainly provide suitable space for children under 10.

Max storage space (with all seats in use): 524L

Towing limit: 640kg

If you’re looking for a car to switch seamlessly between work and home, the Ford Mondeo is your match. A hectic family life might mean you never know where you’ll be headed next, but the Mondeo can handle it all – from providing the connectivity and power to function as a moving office to having space for three teenagers in the rear. A retractable tow bar, optional roof racks and high-fidelity speakers providing excellent sound quality throughout complete the transformation to weekend travel hub.

The Mondeo is a standard hybrid car, which means its electric engine powers the car as it pulls away and at low speeds for up to 2 miles, with the Auto-Start-Stop feature switching off the engine automatically when the car is idling or stopping at traffic lights. These result in lower CO2 emissions, particularly in towns and cities. This hybrid moves intelligently between fuel sources for maximum efficiency, introducing the combustion engine as speed increases, and it can drive for hundreds of miles on a full 62L fuel tank (estate model) – all this, and it still doesn’t need plugging in to charge.

Max storage space (with all seats in use): 633L

Towing limit: 750kg

The Ford Kuga is available as a self-charging, full petrol-electric hybrid or mild-hybrid diesel. This allows for efficient performance for school runs, shopping and parents-as-taxi chores. What’s more, by adjusting the rear seats, you can create more legroom or boot space in seconds.

But when the holidays arrive and it’s time to head off on an adventure together, this car will offer great refinement and frugal fuel consumption. It’s the best of all worlds and ready for anything.

Max storage space (with all seats in use): 645L

Towing limit: 750kg

Electric family cars

A growing market for all-electric cars, helped by technological advancements that drastically increase their ranges, means there are now viable options for families that want short and long-distance capabilities.

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E in its SUV manifestation is a great all-electric option for families – and not just to make an impression at the school gates with! Its 370-mile range (on a single charge), spacious cabin and 4-wheel drive option mean you’ll get outstanding performance and zero emissions on any journey. The absence of a traditional engine allows for an impressive 502L of total storage space across the rear and under the bonnet – perfect for packing in everything you need.

Charge at home or at one of the many public charging points available across the UK and Europe, with the option to charge through any standard domestic socket if you need a top-up.

Maximum storage space (with all seats in use): 502L

Towing limit: 750kg

Hybrids and electrics bring a new level of fuel efficiency to carbon-conscious families. Whether your priority is space, power, comfort, range or all four, there’s a Ford to match. Why not take a look together at our new models?

Alternatively, browse a used car near you to find a great deal on a family hybrid. Our tips on buying a second-hand hybrid or electric will get you up to speed on what to look out for.