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David Livingstone's Motability Story:

Stand out from the crowd

Northern Irishman David Livingstone has big plans.

"Next year, my wife, myself and my caravan, we’re going to do the Wild Atlantic Way. And helping me to do that," the 68 year old smiled, having just picked up a brand new Ford Kuga from his local TrustFord.

The Wild Atlantic Way follows Ireland’s spectacular western coastline for around 2,500 miles, and is considered one of the greatest road trips in the entire world.

It’s an epic holiday for anyone. But perhaps David’s remarkable personal journey to reach this point makes it particularly special.

David's Story

For almost 20 years, David was a motorcycle traffic officer with the police. But one morning after retirement, he woke up with extraordinary back pain. Upon visiting a doctor, David was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It had already spread to his bones, and the prognosis was terminal.

"I was told I only had six months – a year at the best – to live," explained David. Despite the devastating news, he knew he couldn’t just give up. "I’m sure I’m not a quitter."

He started hormone therapy and a course of chemotherapy, then heard about a pioneering treatment at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre in Belfast. With little to lose, he volunteered to take part immediately.

"The cancer centre is 30 miles away from my house. And every four weeks I have to go and get a calcium infusion to strengthen the muscles in my spine," said David. The treatment involves a double dose of radiotherapy and radioactive drug injections that target the tumour. While the treatment can’t cure the cancer, it is able to bring it under control so that David can continue to lead a fairly active and extended lifestyle.

Four years after David first received his terminal cancer diagnosis, he has dramatically exceeded all expectations.

How David Started TrustFord Motability Journey

Naturally, David needed a way to travel to his regular treatments.

"When I was struck down with this illness, the word terminal came up and they said, ‘look, you should get yourself a vehicle that you can get in and out of and that'll take you comfortably to the hospital because you're going to be doing a lot of hospital treatment.’"

But it wasn’t until he took a trip in his friend’s Ford Kuga that David took his first steps to leasing his own Motability vehicle. "A friend of mine happened to give me a lift one day and he had a Kuga," explained David. "And I said, this is a lovely car. I can get in and out of it really well."

"Ford really have been my passion all my life, really all my driving life."

"So I said I must go and have a look at this. I went and I saw my local dealer, Carole Ertekin from in Craigavon, and she talked me through the whole Motability ."

Like all TrustFord Motability Specialists, Carole has taken specialist training to assist with customers’ unique needs. She gave David an overview of the Motability scheme of course, but was also able to offer advice on the criteria required to participate. In fact, before speaking to Carole, David didn’t know that he could actually qualify.

"I was under the impression – as a lot of people probably are – that you have to be in a wheelchair to have a Motability car. So I was under that misapprehension and I didn't apply for one".

"But I spoke to my consultant two days later and he said, ‘You, by far, are more than eligible.’"

With David’s mobility sometimes difficult during treatment, he was glad of the ability to register carers on the scheme too.

"Another good thing about Motability, which I didn't realise, is you’re allowed two other on the insurance policy. So I have my son in law and my wife. And if I'm not able to drive, then they're capable of driving the vehicle."

The Motability Scheme at TrustFord

Every year, the Motability scheme helps thousands of customers like David to use their mobility allowance to lease a vehicle of their choice. The scheme is available to people with both visible and invisible disabilities, helping them to experience the kind of freedom and independence that comes with having your own car.

Anyone in receipt of a higher rate mobility allowance (such as the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment or the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance) can exchange all, or part of their mobility allowance to lease a vehicle.

At TrustFord, we prioritise a customer’s individual needs, so that you can find the right Ford vehicle for you.

We also go the extra mile to offer an award-winning personalised service. As David explains, "I was born on the 30th September, and Carole from my local went out of her way to make sure I got my car on my birthday!"

"And this particular Ford that I've got, I've got a few extras which I’ve paid for on top of my mobility allowance because they're benefiting me. The tow bar, for example, it’s an optional extra."

"There's a lot of software in the car, which I really, really love, and it's really helped me quite a lot. And I can recommend Motability to anybody. But Ford have really ticked all the boxes in this new Kuga and I'm really pleased with that."

The TrustFord Difference

Since acquiring his Ford Kuga on the Motability scheme, David’s life has been transformed.

"The Motability Scheme has definitely given me that edge. Just given me that piece of a life back. Rather than sitting in the house looking out, I can go out and I can get in my car ."

Best of all is the freedom David’s found ever since picking up his Kuga from TrustFord.

"It gives me my independence," said David. "I can go out and I can meet my friends and all that. That really is a big, big thing for me. Independence is a big thing."

Now there’s just that Wild Atlantic Way holiday to look forward to.

To find out how you could be eligible for Motability, or to speak to one of our trained Motability specialists, visit our website and find your local TrustFord dealership today.