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Electric Charging

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Charging your Car 

Charging your Ford car has never been more straightforward and user-friendly. With the convenience of home charging or access to an extensive network of public charging stations, Ford ensures that powering up your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is a seamless experience. Whether utilizing a dedicated home charging station or plugging into public infrastructure, the process is designed to be intuitive and time-efficient.

The FordPass app further enhances the charging experience by providing real-time information on charging status, locating nearby charging points, and even pre-conditioning the vehicle for optimal performance. Charging your Ford car is not just a practical step towards sustainability; it's a hassle-free and technologically advanced aspect of the modern driving experience.

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Charging your Van 

Charging your Ford Van is a streamlined process designed for efficiency and convenience. Whether you choose to charge at home or take advantage of public charging infrastructure, Ford ensures a hassle-free experience for electric or plug-in hybrid van owners. With the flexibility of various charging options, including home charging stations and an extensive network of public charging points, Ford vans can be conveniently powered up to meet the demands of your business. The FordPass Pro app adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing users to monitor charging status, locate nearby charging stations, and optimize the van's performance with pre-conditioning features. Charging your Ford van is not just a practical step towards sustainability, but also a smart and user-friendly aspect of modern commercial vehicle ownership.

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