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Added: 03 November 2016

Discover the latest and greatest in-car technology fromFord.

From Active Park Assist to Keyless Entry, you'll beastounded by the new state-of-the-art technology that's available.

Our new cars now come with the intelligence to keep you inlane or stop you colliding in city traffic. Not to mention the options thatcome with SYNC2 technology - the easiest way to stay connected, hands-free-,while you're on the road.

Contact your local team to find out more about thetechnology options for our new cars, or updates for your current vehicle.

Our Technology

Innovative systems
Active City Stop has a light-detection and ranging sensor to scan the road ahead of you 50 times every single second, helping to prevent collisions at speeds up to 10mph

Remarkable technology
Hands-free parking is now available, thanks to the new Active Park Assist technology. Sensors will find you a big enough space in any car park, and automatically guide you in.

Handy features
Our latest technology features are designed to improve your journey. Ask our team about heated windscreens, automatic wipers and keyless entry - the ultimate hands-free experience.

In-car entertainment and connectivity is updated with the latest SYNC2 technology, which includes emergency assistance, text reader, voice activation and satellite navigation.

Engines and Transmission
Our range of all-new Fords come with fantastic EcoBoost engine technology and Diesel alternatives for fuel-saving efficiency, without losing power or speed.

Safety and security
From rear inflatable seat belts and the latest airbag technology to Door Edge Protectors, the newest safety features are achieving the highest Euro NCAP safety ratings.

Servicing & Support
Your car is packed full of features to warn you when things go wrong. To help you even further, the new Ford Service App is designed to support you while you're on the move.

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