TrustFord News: First Drive: The all-new Ford Fiesta

Added: 04 August 2017

When you’re a motoring writer, some days are simply more exciting than others. In the last twelve months I’ve driven everything from a £1000 Mazda all the way up to a £1.5m Porsche 959. It is quite simply the best job in the world, and I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to do anything different.

Considering all the beautiful machines I get to drive, this next statement might surprise you; it’s obviously no Porsche, but the all-new Ford Fiesta is everything and more than I would expect from the UK’s bestselling car. It’s a true car of the people. So, for me, driving the brand new Ford Fiesta was the most exciting and most important car launch of the year.

Rural Spain was the destination for the very first drive of the new Fiesta, an area full of vineyards and crop fields where long sweeping corners and straights are broken up by tiny, tight villages. As test routes go it was pretty good, allowing me to thoroughly get to grips with the new Fiesta, especially as it’s got to be just as fun to drive on the open road as it is easy to drive in tight urban settings. It’s great for me to be able to write this review, reaffirming that the fun factor is still very much part of the recipe in the new Fiesta - especially in sporty ST-Line form!

The slightly lower suspension of the ST-Line partnered with the now traditional sharp steering made my blast through the Spanish countryside immensely enjoyable, and I found myself sporting a big grin right across my face. This is what the ST-Line does to you - it’s the version of Fiesta where you can really take advantage of a beautiful road and for that reason alone it’s my personal favourite in the new Fiesta line-up. While we’ve got to wait until next year for the full-blown ST hot-hatch, the ST-Line is more than enough fun to keep us occupied until its faster sibling comes along. If you’ve not yet experienced just how perky and enjoyable the award-winning 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine is, you really should try it. It’s got great power for such a small engine 140PS is more than enough to have a good play with out on the country roads, and if that wasn’t enough, it also sounds fantastic. Actually, speaking of soundtracks, I finally got to experience the new B&O Play audio system when driving the brand new Fiesta Vignale.

In the  Vignale trim, the new Fiesta is as luxurious and relaxing as can be. It certainly has a more mature, stylish aura about it and it’s a car you are more than happy to spend a serious amount of time in thanks to the beautifully stitched materials and comfortable ride. If you like classy design and technology you’ll love it, and the new B&O Play audio system really is a must-have if you’re into your music. Experts from the famous Bang and Olufsen brand have been working with Ford engineers on the system for over four years to bring music to you the way the artists wanted it to sound, and it really is as special as you’d expect from B&O - powerful yet smooth with almost no distortion at higher volumes - I can’t wait to test it out with my own Spotify playlist.

The biggest improvement overall is undoubtedly inside the car. The interior space is now right up to date in design and technology and the new SYNC3 touchscreen infotainment system is the highlight of the dashboard. Where the old Fiesta had an array of buttons, they’re now gone and this allows for a tidier, more expressive interior design - finally the Fiesta has an inside that looks just as good as the outside.

In summary, the new Fiesta is everything I really hoped it would be. Fun, stylish, comfortable - it really is a step-up in class in so many areas. I’ve got every confidence that you’ll love it was much as I did but don’t just take my word for it -  head on down to a TrustFord dealership near you to experience the all-new Fiesta drive for yourself.

About the writer
Jonny Edge is a motoring writer, video presenter, and podcaster. When he’s not behind the wheel of a car, you’ll probably find him working on his next project, or attempting to play some sports.

Twitter: @thejonnyedge
Instagram: thejonnyedge

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