All-New Focus ST




What's New?

Featuring a new, more powerful engine, sports-tuned ST suspension, and smarter, more connected technology. The All-New Focus ST is nearly here, and it’s been purpose built to deliver the ultimate Focus driving experience.


All-New Focus ST



A joyful journey

The All-New Focus ST is more fun to drive than ever before, with precision engineering it is more powerful and more responsive than ever. The 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol engine is expected to produce an impressive 420 Nm of torque and 280 PS of power.  With the new fine-tuned suspension, you are able to truly connect with the road, delivering greater control and exhilarating driving dynamics.


All-New Focus ST


Smarter than ever before 

 As soon as you get behind the wheel and settle into the RECARO Performance seats, you’ll be surrounded by a host of incredible technologies that help elevate every journey. A standard additional feature, FordPass Connect modem* delivers real-time traffic updates, vehicle health alerts, and even enables you to lock and unlock your car remotely. Whilst the  10-speaker, B&O sound system ensures every song you listen to sounds exactly like the artist intended.


All-New Focus ST


Maximum control

The All-New Focus ST features an Electronic Limited Slip Differential (only available on petrol engine). This advanced technology has been engineered to maximise traction and deliver improved performance and stability. The system continuously analyses your speed, cornering, and the road conditions, then automatically sends torque where it’s needed. This ensures the wheel with the most traction receives the most power to give you control and power when you’re changing lanes, on demanding road surfaces, or accelerating through corners on the track.


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